We’ve been on a…bear hunt!

  What a fantastic day we have had in EYFS. The children all looked fantastic dressed as explorers or in pyjamas ready to try and find some bears in Dallington. In the morning the children listened to the story “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” by Michael Rosen.
After the story time the children then had a very special snack time, a teddy bear’s picnic with their own teddy bears. Then the children got to enjoy a carousel of activities. With Mrs Field they made bear masks using card and collage materials, with Miss Emily they made binoculars to help them find the bear and enjoyed different teddy bear games and obstacle cours es with Miss Alba and Miss Guiomar.
The little bit of rain didn’t stop our fun and the children went on a bear hunt with Mr Pitt. They went through the swishy, swashy grass, splashed through the river, squelched through the mud, tiptoed through the deep dark forest and found a bear in the dark, narrow cave! The children also got to make bear faces using bread, bananas and raisins. What a busy and fantastic day we have had!
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