The first years of Early Childhood Education are fundamental for development

At our Nursery office, we follow the curriculum for these ages (from two to 5 years) Early Stage of the Early Years Foundation. Based on the curriculum, our goal is for each student to develop the different learning areas in a dynamic and differentiated way. Children spend much of their time exploring and learning, both inside and outside the classroom. Students also have teacher-led assignments such as phonics, math, or communication and language sessions, through stories and assembly times.

Early Years Dallington School

Early Years Foundation Stage Dallington School

The three main areas are constantly developed and mark the primary objectives of learning, while supporting the development of the other four specific areas. The planning of educational activities by teachers is creative, dynamic and adapted to the interests of the students. Children learn in a playful way, exploring and discovering with the guidance of the teacher, his classmates and themselves, inside and outside the classroom.

Prime areas:

Specific areas:

Our Early Years students

“Joy for learning”

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