General Statement

When we opened Dallington School, we chose as our motto “Finding pathways” , as the phrase suggests changing landscapes, forests, travelling, discovering, which are all key concepts in education. In a short time, the school has already moved on rapidly; now we face wider roads as we have entered the secondary sector.

There are changes, but essentially education is a continuum- we continue in the same direction. Pupils will broaden their knowledge, deepen their understanding and acquire further skills. They will be taught by specialist teachers and, gradually, in specialist and subject rooms, but the curriculum and co-curriculum remain basically the same. Equally, if not more important, the pupils will keep learning through dynamic approaches, creativity and experimentation.

James Shallcorss Dallington School
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Teachers will guide and support them to become more confident and independent, to think analytically and creatively, and to communicate lucidly and convincingly.

As in Primary, the pupils will develop both personally and academically. They will have a class tutor, while personal, social, health and emotional education forms an important part of the secondary curriculum. We shall always, in every way, think of them, but not for them.

Academically, our staff will bring rigour, discipline and challenge to their teaching, including the use of both internal continuous assessment and testing, so we get the best out of everyone and prepare them fully for the IGCSE and IB external examinations. Our school remains determined to ensure that pupils reach their maximum personal achievement and academic attainment. That is the road we shall take.

Secondary Dallington School General Statement

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