A trip to Cosmo Caixa

On Friday 12th January the Reception classes went on their visit to Cosmo Caixa!  The children were all very excited as we boarded the bus and sang songs all the way with the teachers.

Once there, Reception A went into the instructor led room first and Reception B explored the exciting science activities. Then we swapped so everyone enjoyed all the activities.


In both classes, as the instructors talked about the equipment, many children gave examples of their own such as playing with magnets and using building blocks. What they didn’t know about the blocks here though, was that they had magnets inside them to hold the blocks together!

Once unleashed, the children rushed to find out what they could do. They lifted baby elephants, winched blocks up to the next floor up, played cymbals and drums by pedalling cycles, made hand prints with nails and found out that if you are surrounded by mirrors you see so many images of yourself that you lose count!

In the non-led section, the children learnt that paddles create waves, and were wowed by the Tesla plasma ball!

The journey back was much quieter, the children barely even speaking they were so tired from their fun filled science visit.

All in all a thoroughly successful trip, with super behaviour overall and we can’t wait for the next one!


Miss Chloe and Miss Cueni

Reception A and Reception B Teachers

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