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Learning for the future, learning from the past

At Dallington School we want our children to cultivate all their intelligences and competences. Each student is unique. Not everyone has the same capabilities, interests, or learn in the same way. We believe in the multiple intelligences theory and we put in into practice in the classroom as well as in the curriculum planning. Our challenge is to offer a ambitious curriculum that is accessible to all learners, to get the best out of them and help them achieve their full potential with the development of skills that will be fundamental in their near future: creativity (not only to produce new realities and solutions, but as well to have flexible thinking), critical thinking, oral and written communication skills, as well as collaborative teamwork spirit.

The teacher is no longer the only source of knowledge available. There are many other sources of knowledge, especially through the internet and other media. For this reason, we help our students to develop their own and solid judgement. At Dallington we will make use of many methods and will facilitate rather than dictate the learning process. The teacher acts as a guide helping students to explore and build the skills needed for the traditional and effective dialogue and argumentation, but as well we shall make full use of all the innovative technologies, including smartboards, ipads, robotics and programming activities.

"Everybody is born with amazing creative abilities; the issue is how to develop them"

Ken Robinson
Although our students will work much more often sharing ideas and learning in groups, they still need to work independently and take responsibility for their own learning. For this reason, at Dallington School we aim to find a balance between the new approaches and those traditional effective teaching methodologies: teacher-led learning combined with student-led learning; cooperative learning activities to promote their interpersonal intelligence as well as independent learning activities to enhance their interpersonal intelligence and reflective skills.

At Dallington school we give such importance to the development of these skills for the future that we not only develop them through the different subjects – through which they have to dialogue, think independently, solve problems using flexibility and creativity, or practice oral presentations – but also trough their teaching in proper subjects where the focus is the development of thses skills. Therefore, from Year 1 we have Dallington subjects such as Communication and Thinking Skills.

Dallington School Skills

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