Healthy in Every Way

To stay physically, emotionally and mentally healthy, is a major principle at Dallington School. New generations must face a complex and rapidly changing society. They will need to develop self-confidence and independence in order to keep a healthy mind. At Dallington School safety and emotional wellbeing are our top priorities.

Children must be educated to adopt healthy habits and to enjoy a healthy and balanced diet. This needs to be promoted from a very young age and form part of the everyday life of the school. Eating organic food is important for everyone, but is of even greater importance for young children. We offer balanced dishes made with organic ingredients.
We do not use white sugar, only natural sweeteners. We shall serve a variety of different meats such as beef, chicken and turkey and we will never be using farmed fish. Marisa Fernández, a nutrition expert and owner of our catering company, providing customized menus to accommodate food intolerances and allergies.

Sport forms a key part of health education in Dallington School. In EYFS and Primary pupils have at least two hours per week of physical development and physical education. In Secondary, students have 3 periods of Physical Education per week. One of them is focus in a concrete sport such as swimming, tennis or rugby, which are performed in the nearby sports facilities of Parque Conde de Orgaz. These are complemented by our Sports Enrichment Programme after school.
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