Dallington School


At Dallington School, we love that the children use their imagination, encouraging them to think outside the box, and watch how these ideas come to life. This allows them to explore and develop key areas of learning such as personal, social and emotional development, communication and language, and expressive arts and design.

Last Friday, November 13th was a very special day at the EYFS building. The WOW days are something the children look forward to every year. Instead of children arriving for drop-off in the morning, we had animals from all walks of life, and even unicorns from a far-away fantasy land show up at the doors. The children were excited to show off their costumes to their friends and teachers, who even joined in on the fun!

The EYFS children are always enthusiastic about learning, but these days take that enthusiasm to an even greater level! They took on the role of the animals in the morning in a very exciting fancy-dress parade for their classmates. This allowed for the others to ask questions, for each child to share about their costumes, and even get to act and sound like the animal they were dressed up as. The day continued with fun for all, including animal stories, songs and games, mask-making and other art projects, face painting, and even an animal-print hunt. The children investigated, questioned, discussed, and laughed with the others in the class. These activities help build self-confidence, increase English vocabulary, teach about nature and the world around them, and allow them to be imaginative.

What a fun Animal-themed WOW day!

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