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During our October Half Term, María Recio, Dallington School´s director, Paloma Valderrábano, coordinator of the Spanish department and Cuchi Zapata, responsible for the school pastoral, visited our charity project, Divine Mercy School in India.

Through the Dallington School foundation, we are helping to educate more than 300 students who, until now, by simply belonging to the «Dalitz» caste could not access the school. We are also helping to expand the school facilities so that they can receive more students every year. Dallington School is collaborating with its teachers both in their training, and in obtaining more educational resources.

At Dallington School we not only want to educate excellent people academically, but also people who have a social and global awareness, people with solid values that are generous, supportive and committed citizens. Through projects like this, with a goal as beautiful as helping children like them, we can do it. 

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