The language of Music

Dallington School

The language of Music

In Dallington school we consider music to be an essential subject, just as learning a new language. This is why we have started developing our music programme based on the Suzuki method. Once a week our students, from Nursery (3 year olds), learn music with a qualified teacher specialized in the Suzuki method and always accompanied by one of our British teachers.


The fundamental principle of the Suzuki method is that the children can develop their musical intelligence by considering music to be like their mother tongue. Children learn to speak a language in a natural way, listening at home or at school. The same thing can happen with the language of music if it is practised since early ages.

The violin is the most effective instrument in this method; as it has no frets on the strings as the guitar, or keys as the piano, so that special attention can be given to listening and tuning, like when we learn any language.


In the music lessons the children will be working the coordination, the pace, the retention of melodies, the control of sound, and the technical aspects of each piece of the violin. The children will also sing and expand their musical talents. This method educates, increases the memory, improves concentration, disciplines, gives them a sense of rhythm, the musicality, and sociability and helps them to develop greater confidence in themselves.


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