Student Council

Dallington School

Student Council

The student council is the voice of the students in our school. There are 5 children in the student council, each of whom is voted for by their classmates. The student council will meet once a month to discuss any good ideas they have or how they think there can be improvements made at school. The student councillor from each class will also be responsible for collecting and counting their class’ house points each week. Any beneficial ideas that arise from the student council meetings, will be put into action in school and announced in assembly by the eldest school councillor.

Our first term councillors are:

Year 1 – Maria Jesús Ortiz

Year 2A – Louisa Göller

Year 2B – Caterina Barbat

Year 3 – Carlotta Göller

Year 4 – Oliver Rivero

Before the election, this is what they said about themselves; “they think they will be a good Councillor because…”

Maria Jesús – ‘I help all the class and I have good English to tell things to teachers and classmates.’

Louise …’I am good at writing and I speak to everyone in my class.’

Caterina… ‘I am responsible and I am kind and share with everyone.’

Carlotta … ‘I am kind and I play and talk to everyone.’

Oliver… ‘I like to help and I use good English skills and can tell the children in my class what we are doing in the student council.’

Miss Carter and Miss Josie will oversee the student council and hope it will be a great success.

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