Promoting Oracy – Project (POP)

Dallington School

Promoting Oracy – Project (POP)

At Dallington School, we find language development fascinating. We seek to enhance and broaden our understanding on the range of effective techniques that can be applied, which will in turn boost oracy skills within children, in every subject. Research indicates that improved oracy can develop confidence, articulacy and the capacity to learn. By helping each child find their voice, we are preparing the pupils for success in school and in life.

Since September, we have already examined a range of best practices in oracy education by amplifying what we know works, encouraging new teachers to share strategies, as well as developing a database of wonderful resources that can be utilised by all staff. Many children have already reaped the rewards of the Pie Corbett ‘Talk for Writing’ approach. Talk for Writing is an interactive approach to improving language through stories, actions and application. Quite recently, we have been finding out more about a new initiative coming from the UK, called Helicopter Stories.

Reading and access to enriching texts is such a vital component for teachers and parents. In order to deepen each child’s understanding, it is important that we know how to ask the right questions. The correct question will push a pupil to think deeply by having to analyse, compare, predict or create.

Not only do we feel that it is beneficial to share aspects of our project with families and educators, but pupils at Dallington School are also involved. Our Year 7’s has already considered a range of ideas, which could be applied across the school to help ensure everyone is being listened to. Year 7’s believes a simple tool used for monitoring the amount of opportunities a child has to give a presentation, summarise recent learning, conveying ideas on behalf of their group or sharing a fun story could be mapped over the week, to ensure that every voice has been heard.

Mr. Hay

Head of Primary and Secondary

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