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Nursery Farm Trip

Despite the rain, the nursery children had a super time at the Story Farm. They were so excited before we even left the school and were in good spirits. The children enjoyed many activities. This included a super theatre production where the narrator was a cricket and told us a story of Bruno and Cris, two children on a school trip to the forest. The two children were looking for the largest creature in the forest. We then met two friendly bears, who taught us about the seasons and all the animals that live in the forest. We also learnt about not throwing rubbish on the floor so the animals have a nice place to live and we can enjoy the beautiful nature. The children also had the opportunity to visit the farm animals and even remembered the names of the animal young that we have learnt in class.

The children then participated in a workshop where they made puppets called Quita and Pon out of wooden forks. The children also visited the allotment where they saw all sorts of vegetables growing and helped the guides to plant more onions. Finally, the highlight of the day for the children was getting to ride the pony called Lolo. What a wonderful and memorable day nursery has had.

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