Last day of the term

Dallington School

Last day of the term

In our last day before Easter Holiday our children in EYFS have been following the trail of the Easter Bunny.

They have been looking for clues and signs of spring, to help them find their Easter Eggs, that they have beautifully painted!

They even found footprints, fur of the bunny and his magic dust!

In Primary, we have just concluded the term with Dallington’s first ‘Spelling Bee’ competition in Year 3. We would like to thank everyone for their support over the last six weeks in helping the students prepare for the competition. The results have been beyond expectations and the competition was another example of how well the students have progressed.

The competition was very close from start to finish and only two points separated fourth place from first place. Thirty words were randomly chosen from the list of seventy-five words, that the students have been learning. Team Maple secured victory by scoring 22 correct, but each team had to be applauded for their endeavours. Each team demonstrated the ability to spell really difficult words,  such as ‘frightened’ or  ‘received’. Congratulations to all the Year 3 pupils!

Have a lovely holiday!

The Dallington School Team

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