Interview with Dallington School founders, Paola and María Recio

Dallington School

Interview with Dallington School founders, Paola and María Recio

We would like to share with you a short interview with our founders, Maria and Paola Recio Zapata. This is just part of a full interview and if you wish to read more, please use the link provided.

How do you define Dalligton School?

Dallington is registered with both the British Council and the English Ministry of Education. Through providing a fully British system we are helping our students to achieve excellence in all areas of learning. We know that inside every child there is a little genius just waiting to get out and it is our challenge to help our children locate their inner genius.

What do you consider to be the key difference between Dallington School and other Madrid schools?

Firstly, our teachers have been carefully selected to be able to provide a stimulating British curriculum for our students. Our teachers are willing to share methodologies and are happy for their classrooms to be an open and active place where learning is engaging for students and focuses around their interests.

In addition, we focus our attention on our students being healthy. That is the reason we have a 100% organic food programme and our students will play sports from the age of two. We offer this as a compliment to the academic education as it is important to have a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Our values of solidarity, kindness and hard work are celebrated daily. We live in a globally diverse world where many cultures and religions are celebrated. At Dallington we teach our children about all world religions as well as Catholicism. Should parents wish children can take optional classes to prepare for the First Holy Communion also.

«We are also promoting programming and robotics from a very ealry age. Our students will be learning these skills from Reception class and beyond»

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