“Happy Healthy Me”

Dallington School

“Happy Healthy Me”

Here at Dallington School we offer a comprehensive British Curriculum.  Along with educating the brain we also aim to create compassionate and healthy, both physically and mentally global citizens.  Values are interwoven throughout the daily lessons and are the foundation of our house system.  Another important experience to develop 21st century globally aware students is through the weekly GAP, Global Awareness Project/CTS, Critical Thinking Skills programmed lessons.

These topics are decided as a whole school and taught in all Primary groups.  This term the children focused on “Making a Happier Healthier Me”.  The activities promoted critically thinking about both physical and mental health.  The topics were further broken down into:  We are what we EAT; Putting it in to PRACTICE; What does our FOOD do for us; The NOT so friendly world of sugar and fats; The WONDERFUL world of water; Building a STRONGER body, one move at a time, and The importance of a happy healthier MIND. 


Before the children can comprehend the larger world around them, it is important that they understand themselves and the importance of being in good health both physically and mentally.  Lessons were built around inquiry-based learning techniques.  The teacher´s primary purpose is to act as a facilitator to develop questions that would facilitate a deeper understanding of living a healthy lifestyle. 

The children gained a clearer understanding of vitamins and minerals that contributed to the nutritional values of the foods and where they are located in the food pyramid.  One of the most important parts of the lessons was self-reflection.  All the children completed a food journal and then had to critically assess their food intake as well as ensure they ate a balanced diet. 



As part of the global awareness aspect of the children were introduced to “exotic fruits”.  The purpose was for the children to understand that different parts of the world produce and consume a variety of fruits.  It was an opportunity for children to taste fruits that were filled with ¨good sugars¨ and could be a healthy alternative to candy and biscuits.


Key Stage 2 had the privilege of watching an informative power point about the importance of food excess.  The year five teacher, Mr. Dixon had the unique opportunity of volunteering in an orphanage in Thailand.  He was able to deliver the important concept of reducing food waste through vivid pictures that sent a clear message.  The students were able to see how other children live and hopefully develop empathy for less fortunate while being able to appreciate what they have.

This year we invited “experts” from our outside community to coming in and share their knowledge about healthy living.  An amazing group of parents came in and facilitated a series of workshops throughout key stage 1 and 2.  They varied in topic from creating a balanced plate, categorising food into the appropriate food groups, volleyball, yoga, cross fit, emotional regulation and cooking healthy pancakes The children were able to develop a deeper understanding of the importance of keeping themselves healthy and in-turn happier.  



The CTS/GAP programme was adopted at Dallington School to promote global awareness and 21st-century thinkers.  The teachers are facilitating learning that encourages students to “think outside the books” and appreciate the world around them.  The unique opportunity opens a different door for the students and deepens the quality of their education.    



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