Dallington solidarity project in India

Dallington School

Dallington solidarity project in India

Divine Mercy School. Andhra Pradesh. India.

Let your light shine.

Divine Mercy School was opened in Andhra Pradesh, South East India, in June 2018. Since then, 300 children who belong to marginalized communities have been brought into primary school. In India, members of Dalit Caste suffer discrimination in education due to their ethic origin. However, in this beautiful and peaceful area of Dalit settlements, access to education is now possible.

Last December, we had the opportunity to visit the school and spend a few intense days with its group of teachers, caracterised by their effort, energy and dedication. From Dallington, we are committed to providing these teachers with all the resources, school curriculum and training they might need.

Father Khiran has been the driving force behind this project. He was born and raised in this area and he is the person in charge of RADDES Foundation (Rural Action Downddrodden Development and Education Society) that fights against infant mortality, lack of pure drinking water and hunger. With the help of a group of Spaniards, Father Kiran has built water wells and started a Food Program that benefits over 200 families.As a member of Dalit Caste himself, he faced continuous hurdles and suffered discrimination. Despite the circumstances, he did not give up on his dream until it finally came true: six months ago, a school was opened to allow many children in his hometown access to education.

Thanks to his family support, who donated the land, and to a group of European friends, the ground floor was built last year. He also recruited the first group of teachers. At the beginning, families were reluctant to send their children to school due to the lack of economic resources and the  travel distances, and it took Father Kiran serveral months to convince them. Without hesitation, he generously offered free tuition, transport and one meal a day for all these kids. Through faith and perseverance, he has brought 300 children into school the first year. His aim for 2019 is to build a second floor that will allow in another 100 students. Our mission? Make it happen!

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