Dallington School, the first British School with organic food

Dallington School

Dallington School, the first British School with organic food

This week we have met with Marisa Fernandez, she will be responsable for nutrition in Dallington School.

Since we started implementing this project we have thought about the importance of health and food is fundamental. We have found the best expert in organic food. She is excited and firmly believes that through this project she will instill healthy habits in our children.

We asked Marisa Fernandez to answer some of the most frequently asked questions that arise in dealing with Organic Food. We hope you find them useful!


It is catering that uses only ingredients from organic farms. All farms that are certified as being healthy for people and the environment.

Biological products are rich in nutrients, fertilise the soil and help the sustainability of our planet.

In Spain there is a state agency, without financial interests, which is responsible for ensuring the authenticity of products from organic farming, transferred to the autonomous communities by CRAE (Regulatory Council of Ecological Agriculture).

Our catering offers balanced dishes made with organic ingredients which are not so common such as millet, quinoa, oats, buckwheat, rice basmati, azukis, red lentil, algae, spelled, carob syrup, agave, all rich in nutrients.

We do not use white sugar, only natural sweeteners; meats are beef, chicken and turkey and we do not use farmed fish. We wish to use ingredients that are fresh and that lose the least nutrients therefore we do not fry our foods, only steam them or grill them.



Marisa Fernandez is a Nutritionalist and natural health, cooking teacher and consultant, Marisa develops a kind of healthy natural diet, based on 100% organic ingredients.

With more than 25 years of experience in this sector, makes her one of the people at the forefront of organic food.

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