Dallington School participated in BETT, Technology and Education International Fair in London.

Dallington School

Dallington School participated in BETT, Technology and Education International Fair in London.

We could not miss the best Education and Technology show in the world. To respond to the developments in technology and implement them effectively we must learn from the best.

«The heart of learning Is That magic Between teachers and students» (Vicky Phillips, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation). We work with our students to discover what makes them shine, what motivates and interest them.

¡¡¡¡Interest is the energy of a good school !!! And there we went, to share the latest methodologies and tools that allow us to spark our student’s imaginations and creativity and to find the genius that each child carries within itself.

The British creative curriculum is a known around the world for sparking students’ interests in learning, because it allows them to develop in a creative context, relevant, collaborative and motivating teaching. To implement it, we must not only change «how we teach», but WHAT WE TEACH (Mark Prensky, Global Future Education Foundation). That is, we are not satisfied just by teaching Maths, Science, English , or History and Spanish Literature.

What are these «whats» we must also implement?

EFFECTIVE THINKING (includes cognitive and emotional strategies such as positive mindset or self)

EFFECTIVE ACTIONS (leadership, decision making, resilience, initiative, scheduling …)

EFFECTIVE RELATIONSHIPS (ability to listen, tolerance, conflict resolution, communication skills, etc).

«Technology is just technology for those born before technology» (John D. Couch. Apple Vice President of Education)


It is essential that the entire educational community understands the importance of new technologies as one of the tools to respond to current and future challenges. Being at the world’s leading expert’s fair, we have been able to choose the best technological tools to bring to Dallington School. We advance some: the latest interactive Smartboards, tablets and mobile classrooms programs, Robotics and Technology, with which  children have so much fun learning to program and build robots!So, yes, our children are prepared for the future!

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