¡¡Dallington school Open Day!!

Dallington School

¡¡Dallington school Open Day!!

On Saturday 14th March 2015 the management team of Dallington School held the official launch with an Open Day.  We were joined by numerous interested families who were enrolling for the coming academic year. 

 Aula Nursery


After a tour of our magnificent facilities, the management team, Paola and Maria Recio, founders of the school, Laura Rennard, Head Teacher, James Hudson Information and Communication Technology  Co ordinator and Paloma Valderrano Spanish Department Co ordinator explained their backgrounds, their enormous enthusiasm for launching such an exciting project and defined the pillars of Dallington School. A school created by professionals and experts who have joined together their education, training and experiences to provide the best quality British education.   In a unique environment, with an excellent staff team we will  help our students to develop their potential, increase self-esteem, use critical thinking, become confident in oral expression, possess strong values and strive for excellence, from two years to the University.





To finish off a wonderful morning where we shared our school experiences, concerns and expectations with parents, we enjoyed cocktails and canopes in one of our classrooms. Dallington School families enjoyed delicious catering from Marisa Fernandez as a preview of what our children will be eating in the academic year 2015-2016. At Dallington School, food is so important in terms of health our children will enjoy healthy food every day. 




We wish to Thank all of the families who attended our open day for their love, support and enthusiasm. 

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