Dallington School, a holistic education

Dallington School

Dallington School, a holistic education

The children at Dallington School follow the British National Curriculum.  They have the added benefit of comprehensive Spanish education as well as the opportunity to learn to read, write and speak French.  The classroom community not only provides an academic education but also strives to develop the student´s social and moral well-being.

Personalised learning

It is vital that the children learn how to show empathy and compassion as well as being understanding friends and admirable classmates.  The school provides Religious Education as well as PSHE personal, social health and emotional lessons to support these efforts.  Strong moral characteristics are interwoven into daily sessions as well as whole school activities like house teams, special thematic days and a school council.  Every student is part of a house team that represents specific values and morals.  The theme related special days promote a particular characteristic like determination, self-discovery or global awareness that we are hoping to in still in all of our students.

Our school councillors in a meeting with James Shallcross, our Senior Consultant

A strong and varied British education is vital for academic success.  Here at Dallington School we believe in creating children that are not only able to achieve learning outcomes but we are taking knowledge a step further.  It is vital for all of the children to be able to communicate with both their peers and the larger learning community.  Children are teaching other children about what they have learned or speaking about things that are important in their world outside of school.

Year 4 children teaching Year 2 pupils some Sciences concepts

Here at Dallington School we take pride in not only educating the mind but also the heart and in the process creating outstanding citizens of the world.

Kisha Josie, Year 1 Teacher and KS1 leader

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