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Like many projects that have come before, our latest CTS (Communication Thinking Skills) and GAP (Global Awareness Project) continues to push each child’s thinking, encouraging them to be curious and diligent thinkers.

This term’s scheme is called, ‘Greener Jobs’, each key stage must deal with a range of challenges. Our youngest pupils from Key Stage 1 and Lower Key Stage 2 have been reflecting on our environmental goals: reducing paper and plastic waste as well as trying to decrease the amount of food wastage. The older students from Upper Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 have been set a ‘Farmer’s Market’ challenge.

Recently, Year 1 to Year 4 children have had the wonderful opportunity to build upon their understanding by having parents from a range of industries come and present to our young learners. They have had the chance to listen to an environmental engineer, a Ministry of Energy representative, someone from the travel industry and different people who work in the world of recycling and sustainability. Year 3 pupils even had the chance to produce and taste a batch of ‘school-made’ hummus. Encouraging children to try new foods and comprehend the benefit (health and sustainability) to eating more vegetables!

Our oldest students have been developing a company, that will aim to sell produce (vegetables, fruit and flowers) and products, such as decorative items for a garden at a Farmer’s Market. To help guide the learners, we have had further support from parents who come from a range of industries and working backgrounds. Each parent produced and delivered a presentation, which addressed the difficulties in running a business and what is required to make and sustain a successful business. Pupil’s will use these experiences to help prepare them for their company presentation.

We hope that by the end of the project, pupils have a deepened understanding and knowledge in key themes connected to ‘Greener Jobs’, and how that understanding, and knowledge can be applied for the benefit of those around us!

Peter Hay

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