Communication and Language Development Within EYFS

Dallington School

Communication and Language Development Within EYFS

Language is the key to learning within the Early Years Foundation Stage. The acquisition of language is the single most important and complex skill a child learns in their first five years. At Dallington School the EYFS team have started a new initiative to support and develop every child´s communication and Language skills in order to reach their full potential.

Communication and Language is one of the three prime areas laid out in the Early Years Framework. The two other prime areas are Personal, Social and Emotional Development and Physical Development. They are called the prime areas as they form the foundation to all other aspects of a young childs learning and development.

Communication and Language involves giving the children opportunities to speak and listen in a range of different situations. By doing so this gives the children the skills and confidence to express themselves. Within Communication and Language we have three areas for development; Listening and Attention, Speaking and Understanding.

What do we do at Dallington?

For by the activities which are carried out daily in each classroom we run small communication and Language groups for each year group. The children are in small groups of no more than 5 or 6 and are given the opportunity to develop their speaking, attention, listening and understanding. The teacher  follows the child´s interests and conducts activities surrounding their interests.

Through observations and assesments we can monitor which children may require support in different areas.

Some examples of the types of activities:

  • Story mapping
  • Stories and questioning
  • Listening and attention games
  • Vocabulary games
  • Circle time

Communication and Language is intertwined in every lesson and subject and can be developed in many ways. At Dallington the teaching staff model the language throughout the currciulum.

´´Communication is a fundamental necessity of every day life; it helps to build positive relationships, as feelings get expressed, views and knowledge are exchanged, ideas are shared and explained. ´´ Development Matters.

Ione Gibson

Reception class teacher and EYFS topic leader

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