Flat Stanley’s adventures

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Flat Stanley’s adventures


In our Year one classes, we have started the new year off with a unit based around The AMAZING ADVENTURES OF FLAT STANLEY!  The author, Jeff Brown´s has written a well-liked reading series for children of all ages.  The story is based around the main character, Stanley, becoming flat one night while he was sleeping.  The author does an outstanding job of choosing words to illustrate a series of “situations or events” the main character faces as a “flat human”.  The most infamous chapter is when the flattened Stanley is packed in an envelope to travel across the country to visit friends.


After listening to the story, the Year 1 students coloured a Stanley in hopes of sending him to an exciting location somewhere in the world.  As part of our geography unit, the children in term one began basic map reading skills.  They will continue this term to learn about different continents, oceans and important geographical terms like equator and prime meridian.  When your Stanley has been sent out and returned via-post or through emailed pictures, the teachers will plot Stanley’s locations on the world map.


As part of the CTS and GAP programme, this term the children will be learning about the importance of world peace and humans´ rights and responsibilities.  To understand others, the students need to become familiar with all different cultures and customs.  The Stanelys will be travelling all over the world.  The people who had visits from Stanley are asked to take photos with essential landmarks and unique features from the country.  As part of their classwork, the children are required to keep a small passport detailing places they have learned about and the landmarks, festivals and the unique geographical features.     

STANLEY IN LITERACY In Literacy, the children will be listening to the story.  They will be answering questions and predicting what might happen to the main character.  They will have an opportunity to re-write an alternative ending and share it with their peers.  After the Stanley has returned, the children will get to choose a location that appears attractive to complete further research on and then creates a mini pamphlet.


Some of the children will not have the opportunity to travel around the world.  It is our job as educators to bring the world to our students.  We are going to use important units like Flat Stanley and our CTS project to do just that.  Please stay tuned for additional photos in the newsletters depicting his fantastic journey. 

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