A very special start of the academic year

Dallington School

A very special start of the academic year

Dallington is a magical school. Our Nursery children began their Soft Landing Period with their parents, grandparents and our fairies, Miss Russell and Miss Jones. They came from Dallington Forest in England, to create the most beautiful magic in the world , teaching. All together, with our pets the owl Paul and the squirrel Linda, they started the academic year in a very special way. The beginning process has been wonderful. The Imagination, base of creative thinking was strengthened.

Children had to help the fairies to feel comfortable so they could play with them in their classes, full of wonderful corners and thematic games to explore, enjoy and learn.

A few days later, children from Reception , Year 1 and Year 2 came to school. They started with their teachers Miss Gibson, Miss Shad, Mr. Pendlebury , Miss Paloma and Miss Mans. They have been learning in a lovely environment. Not only academic content and key processes such as reading and writing or arithmetic , but something even more important, they are developing their critical thinking skills and creativity.


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