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Secondary education in the british system starts in year 7 (6º Ed. Primaria) and finishes in Year 11 (4º ESO).  They are different stages:

  • KEY STAGE 3: Year 7,8,9
  • KEY STAGE 4: Year 10 and 11


In Secondary, subjects are more separated than in Primary, are taught by specialist teachers and have their own learning spaces. Our co-curriculum continues and other key areas such as creative arts, are given sufficient time and importance.

The Key stage 3 subjects are:

  • English, including Communication and Thinking Skills (6 periods)
  • Mathematics (5 periods)
  • Science (5 periods)
  • Lengua Española (5 periods)
  • Ciencias Sociales (Historia y Geografía) (2 periods)
  • Humanities – World Studies (History, Georgraphy, including the Global Awareness Project) (4 periods)
  • Physical Education – PE (3 periods)
  • Art and Design (2 periods)
  • Computing (2 periods)
  • French (3 periods)
  • Music (1 period)


The KS4 subjects- IGCSE are:

Obligatory subjects:

  • English Language and Literature (1/2 IGCSE)
  • Mathematics (1 IGCSE)
  • Coordinated Sciences (2 IGCSE)
  • Lengua Española (1 IGSCE)
  • French (1 IGCSE)
  • Ciencias Sociales (NO IGSCE)

Optional Subjects may include:

  • History (1 IGCSE)
  • Geography (1 IGCSE)
  • Computing ICT (1 IGCSE)
  • Business Studies (1 IGCSE)



In Key stage three we will continue to use a blend  of formative with summative (tests) assessments. In Year 9 students take an external examination (Check Point).

In Key Stage Four students are prepared for the IGCSE examinations (International General Certificate of Secondary Education), where most subjects are obligatory and others are optional.

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