Key Stage 1 (5-7), Lower Key Stage 2 (7-9) y Upper Key Stage 2 (9-11)

In Primary they are different stages:

Key Stage 1: Year 1 (3ºEd. Infantil) and Year 2 (1º Ed. Primaria)

Lower Key Stage 2: Year 3 (2º Ed. Primaria) and Year 4 (3º Ed. Primaria)

Upper Key Stage 2: Year 5 (4º Ed. Primaria) and Year 6 (5º Ed. Primaria)

Pupils in Primary leave their EYFS curriculum, and move into the British National Currriculum. There is a greater emphasis and a clear distinction in the core subjects of English, mathematics and Sciences. Other subjects, for example Humanities, are taught in a more integrated way through topics.

At Dallington we also help pupils acquire further knowledge and skills through the co-curricular areas, such as Communication and Thinking Skills and Global Awareness.

"Friday for the future"

In Primary, Spanish is taught everyday.


  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • Art, design and technology
  • Music
  • Physical education (PE)
  • Computing
  • Spanish
  • French*
  • Chess (only in Year 2 and Year 3)*
  • CTS (Communication and Thinking Skills)*.
  • GAP (Global Awareness Project)*.
  • Catholic Religion (not compulsory)**

*Those areas are not part of the National Curriculum but are implemented at Dallington School.

** During this academic year they will celebrate the Holy Communion.


In KS1 assessment is mainly formative “what pupils know, understand and can do” throughout their learning. For example, teachers´observations, regular marking and feedback of pupils´work, end of unit presentations or creative work.

From Upper Key Stage two, there is more summative testing. Some exams are external, such as CEM, and others internals in order to help pupils to prepare for Secondary.

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