Poetry thoughts after Jan Dean visit

Why is poetry promoted in Dallington school?

Why do we want poetry to be part of our learning spaces, such as pictures or music?

Poetry opens our heart and our soul.

Poetry cultivates a delight for language. It allows children to use language in different ways. It has a special space for English language learners because poems defy rules, they can be accesible to everyone and easily scaffolded.

Poetry opens children´s imagination and symbolic language.

Poetry is rhythm and music. It´s the most kinesthetic of all literature.



  “Become an enthusiastic. Poetry is a hugely wide term. There´s going to be something out there that touches you, makes you laugh, worry…try to identify what “gets” you, then use that as your starting point for sharing and devising activities”. Jan Dean, yesterday, in the teachers´training after school.



We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to share and learn with Jan Dean, the popular English poet, whim whom we had a very special day yesterday at Dallington School. Thank you very much Jan!


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