Dear families,

Coming to the end of our first month of school, and pleased with the effective adaptation of our new pupils, we think it is an appropriate moment to stop, think, thank and share with yourselves through these letters, our thoughts and innovations.

People say that certain numbers have a special meaning and one of them is five. We are starting our fifth year with great enthusiasm. We have created a very positive school community, an ambitious academic programme and soon we shall open a new Primary and Secondary site. We also have many more pupils and staff. At the same time, we remain true to our essence and commitment: to work closely with our families to guarantee the best possible education and quality of teaching. 

Our older pupils have started Year 6, the last year in Primary, a crucial stage for Dallington School.  For this reason, we have two key objectives: to achieve the curriculum objective for the end of Primary, and to prepare them fully for the move to secondary school. We have already had two successful British inspections. Inspectors emphasised the quality of our team, the school values, the breadth and depth of our curriculum, as well as the rigour of our assessment system. Shortly, we shall have a further inspection of our new site and the planning for secondary school. We shall feedback to parents.

We want to thank our team for their commitment and professionalism. From Pre-Nursery to Year 6, it is an everyday pleasure to note the tranquil, happy and enthusiastic learning environment. Our teachers guide and support pupils to acquire the knowledge skills and understanding that they need for the future.

We realise that we occasionally make mistakes or think differently about certain issues. However, what brings us together is our project and our determination to offer the best possible education to your children. We all want to be in the same boat, sailing in the same direction.

We start this fifth year with this commitments with you and your children.

We hope you have a successful and enjoyable year.

Paola y María.

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  1. This school is a huge example of commitment! Congratulations girls, I’m sure this year will be amazing! Can’t wait to see the incredible future of your pupils and the school! Thank you so so much!!!


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