Values Based Education


 “The best way to make good children is making them happy”

(Oscar Wilde)

The primary objective in Dallington School is to ensure our children are happy, good people and that they learn in a safe environment. We want the school to be a welcoming place where children feel at home. For this reason, our staff is responsible not only for teaching and guiding in their learning, but also for encouraging love, respect and trust, and for fomenting pupils self-confidence and awareness of others.

We want to educate supportive, generous people, who value the important aspects of life such as love, family, responsibility, friendship and solidarity. For this purpose and beside the traditional subjects included in the British Curriculum, Dallington School has introduced two new subjects: CTS (Communication and thinking skills), and GAP (Global awareness). Through these subjects, we aim to provide students with fundamental skills involved in their personal development and future professional careers. We strike to develop their social and global conscience, realising the importance of becoming committed citizens, who can show strong values and can make a positive contribution to any society.

Dallington School has a commitment with the education in the Christian values. We offer Catholic Religion and our pupils can be prepared for their First Communion and Confirmation.

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