British School

The British Education System aims to provide children with the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding to respond to the needs and demands of modern society. It is considered that:

There is not a single way of learning, nor a right or wrong way to learn.


At Dallington School we have a creative approach to the teaching process and the continuous learning process of each student, in which:

  • Contents are not only taught to broaden our students’ knowledge, but they are also the way to develop teamwork skills, communication skills, creativity, critical thinking and global awareness. Their development is one of the main objectives at Dallington School. We encourage our students to explore, create, give their opinion, analyse problems and develop a flexible and critical thinking. This will enhance their capacity to adapt to changes without having fear to try, explore or question.
  • Effort is rewarded and pupils progress is assessed based on their starting point and previous knowledge. Mistakes are not penalised, but considered the way to learn.
  • Quality in education in Dallington School is controlled by a rigorous and ongoing internal process and examined by the National Association of British Schools in Spain (NABSS). The following aspects are also supervised by the British Government through the British Council: the school facilities, level of English, the implementation of the British Curriculum, the educational team and the educational special supports provided by the Educational Psychologist Department. Our students achievements and attainments are the main focus of these inspections.
  • Students are assessed in a fair and rigorous manner, taking into consideration the development moment in which the child is. In Early Years Foundation Stage and Primary Key Stage 1 the assessments are rigorous and ongoing. In the next stages of Primary and Secondary education, the assessment is summative and formative. Students are assessed internally, throughout the school exams, and externally by a prestigious university that evaluates every academic year to every student in Dallington School their linguistic and mathematical skills. Our aim is to have a solid evidence of every student´s progress and find the way  to compensate  their weaknesses and enhance their strengths.
  • The continuous training programmes of our educational team are vital. The best teachers are always trying to improve their teaching skills. Times change and advances in neuroscience research provide new methodologies to facilitate the learning process. The whole educational team at Dallington School, including the owners and directors, who are psicologists and education experts, share a common and actualised vision towards the methodologies and the new educational paradigms that help provide the best possible education for the future.

“We must teach students to ask questions, to overcome challenges and to investigate information”. Richard Gerver.

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