Our ethos


We aim to provide a broad, challenging curriculum – with care, trust and support at its core – while learning together and having high expectations. We strive to develop healthy people who are confident, creative, independent and reflective thinkers. Our pupils, with their strong values, will make a positive contribution to any society.



In order to ensure our vision is realised in everything we do, Dallington School has defined its mission in the following way:

  1. to create a curriculum which has breadth, balance, and depth, and to review it each year;
  2. give time and attention in the curriculum to global awareness, thinking skills, and communication skills;
  3. plan and teach rigorously for the development of students’ multiple intelligences;
  4. complement the curriculum through co- curricular experiences;
  5. provide students with a strong knowledge base, and emphasise the development of their understanding, abilities, and skills;
  6. use a wide variety of teaching approaches so students can learn, and present what they have learnt in different ways;
  7. challenge all students through appropriate and realistic learning activities and set high expectations for effort and achievement;
  8. ensure students participate actively in all their learning;
  9. help students to think and act creatively, and to reflect on their learning;
  10. assess, record, and report students’ progress effectively and continuously to ensure maximum possible achievement;
  11. care for, and support each child in terms of personal and academic development;
  12. give confidence and belief to all pupils by valuing their contributions to all aspects of learning and setting targets for the next steps in their development;
  13. provide a structured system for students’ additional learning needs ;
  14. help students to acquire strong values for themselves and in relation to others.
  15. emphasise in all our educational work the importance of staying healthy and fit;
  16. foment environmental awareness, ecological approaches to life, and to organise collective action.

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