Our ethos

Dallington School offers an extraordinary learning environment, where the welfare of the student is our main priority.

Dallington School is a British school following the British Education System, for pupils´ from 2 to 18 years of age. Our teachers and senior consultant staff are native English speakers with experience in UK delivering the National Curriculum.

The British education system essentially wants the children to have the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding in order to respond to the needs and demands of modern society. More than ever teachers will concentrate on developing childrens´ understanding and skills through different ways of learning.

At Dallington school we want to:

  • Promote high quality teaching. Our teachers consider the pupils´ individual needs and challenge and encourage their creative and critical thinking. They are also learners themselves and are determined to try out new ideas and fresh approaches;
  • Create a happy and tranquil environment where our children feel confident and secure;
  • Develop positive values in the children, such as generosity, solidarity and social and global awareness;
  • Educate the children to live a healthy lifestyle;
  • Educate the children to be responsible and self sufficient.

Dallington School is a unique learning environment located in one of the best areas of Madrid, Parque Conde de Orgaz (near Arturo Soria). We have a lovely garden of 2000 square metres, and facilities that offer a welcoming and healthy atmosphere with dedicated areas for reading, art, music, dance and sports.

Dallington School has a commitment with the education in the Christian values. We offer Catholic Religion and our pupils can be prepared for their First Communion and Confirmation.