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Dallington School offers an extraordinary educational context where the welfare of students is our priority.

CAs a British School in Arturo Soria, we offer the British educational system from the first course (Pre Nursery, 1 and 2 years), Nursery (3 years), Reception (4 years), Year 1 (5 years), Year 2 (6 years) ) and Year 3 (7 years).
Our teachers are native, trained and experienced in the UK implementing the British educational curriculum.


The high quality teaching of our teachers takes into account the individual interests of the students, and encourages creative and critical thinking. They are children who are learning and are motivated to put into practice the different teaching strategies. The British system in our school in Arturo Soria is characteristic for its.

Ronda de Sobradiel, 20
Parque Conde de Orgaz, 28043 Madrid

Calle Frascuelo, 15
Parque Conde de Orgaz, 28043 Madrid

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