Christmas Newsletter

Dear families,
Christmas is a time to share, to express gratitude; it is a time of wishful thinking and new year´s purposes. Sharing your children´s education with you is the best possible gift. We are lucky and aware of our responsibility, that we assume with all our commitment.
The spirit of hope that characterizes Christmas remains throughout the academic term in Dallington School. We are excited to see your children grow, to work every day so that they are happy, kind, educated, thoughtful, critical, creative and confident.
We finish this first term having shared enjoyable moments at Dallington School. Facing the new stage in the Primary and Secondary site from January, we have succeed a British inspection. If there is something that was highlighted in the inspection, it is the academic level of our older students who were observed and assessed; their confidence, their English level, the good atmosphere which one feels at school and the excellent manners they show with adults and with each other. They highlighted the academic level of our students, and also called attention to the performance of our teachers. Paraphrasing the report “…The Year 6 teacher, who will deliver the humanities curriculum in Secondary, taught an outstanding lesson; pupils were engaged throughout, timing of tasks was impeccable, success criteria were clear and there was a clear path of learning as the teacher recapped previous lesson content and outlined the aims of the lesson. Year 6 pupils are exceptionally well behaved, polite and happy at the school…”. 
Our first generation of students, and the positive results they are obtaining, are a reflection of the ambitious academic project that we are carrying out, both in EYFS and Primary stages, and that we will continue to develop at the Secondary School. None of this would be possible without an excellent team. We are very proud of our teachers and the team in charge of the transition to Secondary, led by Mr. Hay as Head of British Studies and Mr. Shallcross, who will be our Secondary Senior Director from September on. The management team is deeply committed and we have the purpose in this new year 2020 to make the transition to Secondary a success.
The development of the skills and values that allow our students to be good people and committed citizens is another feature that distinguishes us and that we feel deeply proud of. Projects like the one we are carrying out in India, help our students to value and understand how easy it is to contribute to make a better world. We thank you, one more year, for being an example of solidarity.
On January 8th, we will be waiting for all Primary families, from Year 1 to Year 6, in our new site (Castillo de Aysa 8). It is a privileged place to continue developing this wonderful project with you and your children. Please find attached all the practical information for the Primary families.

To the families that are still in the Infant Site, we thank you once again for your trust and your continued support. When you enter the Infant Site, you can breathe a safe, calm and cheerful learning environment. These first years of school, build the foundations that will undoubtedly help their emotional and cognitive development.

Our best wishes for peace and happiness for this Christmas.
Warmest regards,
Paola and María Recio Zapata

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