British Education

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The British education system essentially aims to provide children with the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding to respond to the needs and demands of modern society. Teachers especially concentrate on developing children’s understanding and skills through using different ways of learning. It is considered that:

There is no single way of learning, nor a right or wrong way to learn.

Pupils in Dallington School will learn in varied ways, working as a whole class, in groups, pairs or individually. They will learn through thinking, doing, experimenting and exploring.
The main pillars which underpin education at Dallington School are:


  • Learning begins with the pupils’ INDIVIDUAL NEEDS.
  • High quality teaching involves CHALLENGE.
  • Every child has the potential for CREATIVE AND CRITICAL THINKING, it is our obligation to exploit and develop it.



“We must teach students to ask questions, to overcome challenges and to investigate information» Richard Gerver.


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