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  • Phonics: Are they important?
    Phonics are the essential reading instructions that teach children the systematic and predictable relationships between written letters and spoken sounds. Through phonics, pupils acquire and apply the knowledge and skills to accurately read familiar words, decode and sound out new words.  Here at Dallington School we follow a six phase course for Nursery…
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    We are happy to announce that Dallington School is now officially a new member of NABSS, the prestigious association of British Schools in Spain (the formal presentation can be seen in We would like to make the most of the announcement by explaining the differences between the British Council and NABSS. ¿What…
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  • ¿Quién está aprendiendo hoy?
    ¿Qué preferimos, que nuestros alumnos sólo recuerden y comprendan, o que vayan más allá y apliquen los conocimientos, los analicen, los evalúen y creen otros nuevos? Ése es nuestro objetivo, no conformarnos; conseguir que el equipo docente de Dallington School comparta un estilo de enseñanza caracterizado por el uso de técnicas y metolodogías…
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  • A trip to Cosmo Caixa
    On Friday 12th January the Reception classes went on their visit to Cosmo Caixa!  The children were all very excited as we boarded the bus and sang songs all the way with the teachers. Once there, Reception A went into the instructor led room first and Reception B explored the exciting science activities.…
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